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XOData® : OData Visualizer and Explorer

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XOData® is a light-weight, practical, easily accessible and generic OData API visualizer/data explorer – that is useful to developers as well as business users, business-process-experts, Architects etc.
  • Business Analysts or End-Users can utilize Data Visualization and Explorer for Ad-hoc Self-Service Reporting.
  • It assists in rapid prototype, verification, testing and documentation of OData APIs including OData services provided by SAP NW Gateway, Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Office-365, SuccessFactors, SAP HANA etc.
For further details, please see XOData Overview Document (pdf) : XOData Overview Document

Getting Started with XOData Chrome App:

  • Search for "xodata" in Google using Chrome Browser or Click here to add XOData Chrome App from Chrome Web-Store.
  • Once added to Chrome, start the app and enter login details ( username / password ) on "Connection" tab to access your OData API.
  • Use "Choose Access Options" button on the top-bar to select "OData Metadata URL", then enter metadata url ( e.g. http://system:port/serviceName/$metadata ) and press [Get Details]. Please note that the metadata URL is OData service URL added with /$metadata at the end and it provides an XML document with metadata details. You can also check the URL in a normal browser window to verify that it's correct.
  • Now you should be able to see and interact with the data-model on the "Diagram" tab, entity details on "Details" tab, build queries to explore data and make data-charts on "Query Builder/Data Explorer" tab.
  • See next section for tutorials about XOData from PragmatiQa and others.

Demo and Tutorials:

  • Latest Features : Create Entity (CRUD related) features and OData API Log

    Trial Available in XOData Chrome App.

  • Data Visualization and Exploration : Example using SAP Gateway OData Services

    Special Connection step for Gateway but Data Analysis and other parts are relevant for all cases.

  • Data Visualization and Exploration : Example using Azure Marketplace datasets

    Special Connection step for Azure but Data Analysis and other parts are relevant for all cases.

  • Blog post by Rainer Stropek provides a quick overview of XOData App.

    ..Time cockpit decided to bet the farm on OData instead of a custom web api. PragmatiQa's XOData shows what you get..

  • XOData featured in openSAP Training by SAP

    XOData in openSAP Training : hanacloud3 Week 1 Unit 4 : OData Exploration Tool openSAP

  • Using XOData with SAP Lumira to Analyze Fiori Applications

    SCN Document by Tammy Powlas Using XOData with SAP Lumira..

  • XOData ( First Version ) Introduction Post on

    Introduction Post on

Feature Details:

Preview version of this tool is available online to visualize and explore publicly accessible OData APIs. Online version can only be used for publicly accessible ( accessible without user/password over internet and is for general public use ) OData APIs. However XOData Chrome App can be used to access private APIs with basic authentication as well as those available on localhost or Intranet. It provides following options to visulaize and explore data using OData APIs:

  • Direct Service/URL access option for visualization and exploration of Publicly accessible OData services or Services that are accessible with Basic Authentication (User/password).
  • File upload option for offline visualization of metadata (Entity Relationship).

Some of the XOData Chrome App features are as below:

  • User Friendly and Interactive Data Visualization ( Data Charts, Pivot Table and World Map )
  • Interactive Query Builder: Support for complex queries including OData V4 ( All formats supported, including ATOM & JSON )
  • Easy Data Acquisition: Complete data for the prepared query will be retrieved using Server or Client side paging.
  • Simplified results display in Data Mode ( Excel like display and interaction ): For 1:1 or N:1 relations, Complex hierarchical data is flatten in table-display to be used for data visualization.
  • Export data-results to CSV and Graphs to Image.
  • Access to local/Intranet/Internet based OData Services with Basic Authentication.
  • Can handle huge metadata documents with hundreds of entities - including metadata documents having more than two schema elements.
  • Visualization support for Complex Types in metadata.
  • Query Builder/Data Explorer has several improvements including Key based query preparation, ability to edit the prepared URL, options to set the data-format and date format, complex inline-data handling in result layout, effective support for expand etc.

For further details, please see XOData Overview Document (pdf) : XOData Overview Document

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